Friday, July 18, 2008


Q: Do you have more information on the joystick you are using? And how you hacked it to work?
Thanks. Darthdaddy.

A: Since the Mamebook was done on a whim, I only used stuff I got at home that required little or no hacking. I didn't want to bother with I-pac and wiring so I decided to use one of my old Namco Arcade Sticks and a simple PSX-USB adapter. I also used USB Overdrive to sort out the mapping. Piece of cake!


mo said...

I found these speakers.. they are supposed to stick to a surface and use the surface as a speaker.. maybe sending vibration through.. not sure how well they work but they're cheap. You would need an amp. I would suggest getting crap speakers and taking them apart to use the built in amp.. maybe one with a small bass.

As far as the ergonomics for the control.. I think I can help you design something better.

DarthDaddy said...

I purchased a Ramvik after reading your blog and I put it together. Now that I see the table all together, I am wondering how your drawer is sliding in-out so easily without bumping into the laptop mounted underneath? Did you cut the back of the drawer out to make room?

schmappel said...

I'm gonna build one too, with a slighly different approach. I have just bought a second-hand Ramvik for just 25 euros, so that's a good start. I'm gonna build the hardware with an Intel D945GCLF Mini-ITX mainboard, a CF2IDE adapter & 2GB CompactFlash card as a poorman's solid state drive and a modular controller set-up (parts: 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7). For software I'm thinking of using the AdvancedMame bootable Linux distro.

As I'm still in the planning fase advice and suggestions are most welcome! One question: what's the size of your macbook screen?

Thanks! said...

I would love to post you Mamebook on, a german DIY-Website. It definitely rocks! May I?

Kind regards,


Peter said...

I have just finished a Ikea cab using an old Dell C600, just to say thanks for the inspiration.